SEFUCO “High performance self-lubricated multifunctional coating for demanding industrial applications.”

The reliability of many industrial processes is dependent on the functioning of the critical components. Especially safety critical components in heavy engineering, such as bearings, seals, shafts, barrels, rolls etc. are suffering sticking of the counterpart material. Often conventional lubrication oils can not be used due to process environment, temperature or impurities. In order to ensure reliable function of the critical components self-lubricating wear resistance coatings could be a solution.

Powder production
Thermal spray powders including solid lubricants are not necessary commercially available. Novel powder production techniques open possibilities for new powder compositions and tailored coatings.

Thermal spraying
Thermal spray methods have been well established to produce wear resistant coatings for components mentioned above. Thermal spray coating process will be optimised for spraying powders containing solid lubricant materials for different application environments.

Tribological tests will be done to determine tribological, wear and corrosion properties of the coatings containing solid lubricants.

Controlling the whole manufacturing route from powder to coating enables tailoring the composition of coating according to application. A combination of novel powder processing and HVOF coating technology will be achieved with co-operation of different European SME's.

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